About City of David DARTFORD

Fulfilling destiny;Enforcing mandate Fulfilling destiny;Enforcing mandate

Our Mission

To prepare a people for the Lord from all Nations. The people will in turn build the church of the Lord as a kingdom of heaven on earth

Our Beliefs

We Believe In

GOD THE FATHER: Creator of Heaven and Earth, who made man in His own image and likeness.

JESUS CHRIST: The only begotten Son of God the father.

THE HOLY SPIRIT: The comforter and teacher of all things who dwells with us uniting us to Jesus Christ.

THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST: Which was shed for us at Calvary. It cleanses us of all sin and grants us access into the presence of God.
SALVATION: It is the gift of God through grace and faith in Christ Jesus. That all who believe in the name of Jesus Christ may be saved by turning from sin to repentance.

THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: Is available to all who believe in Jesus Christ, and is evidenced by the gift of speaking in tongues.

WATER BAPTISM: By immersion in water as Jesus Christ was baptized

SANCTIFICATION: Separation from the world unto God

THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST: That Jesus Christ will come again to earth in glory and in power. Those dead in Christ will rise first and those alive in Christ will be in the presence of God for eternity.

THE HOLY BIBLE: Is the infallible and authoritative Word of God, given directly to all men and women for salvation
THE MANDATE: That man was created in the image and likeness of God To be fruitful, to multiply .to replenish the earth, to subdue it, and to have dominion over it


As Christ loves unconditionally we also love. We seek to create an atmosphere where the love of Christ thrives. We seek to enrich relationships amongst believers through membership activities and via our City Life Groups where people of similar passions are brought together to pursue mutual interests in God-honoring ways. We share and promote the love of Christ. 1Pet 1:22, Rom 13:8 To seek to strengthen the first institution created by God –Marriage between man and woman. As families are the strength of any society, we encourage both parents and children to grow and walk in the fear of the Lord. Heb 13:4, Prov 22:6 Our entire reason for existence is to be like Jesus Christ, this we will achieve by daily study of the word of God, steadfast worship, consistent prayer and by living a life modelled after Christ's purpose. Gal 4:19, Phil2:5, Phil 3:3-19. We welcome all and sundry the way they are, as we share the gospel of forgiveness and the love of God with them in order for them to discover and experience the unique nature of God. We are accountable to God and to one another, as we handle everything entrusted into our hands with utmost care, as we exhibit discipline and consistency in handling them, and in the way we live our lives. We promote unity as this is our strength as we work together with each other, and submitting to the leadership of the church. John 17:21-22 Eph 4:3 The way to greatness is through service, therefore we provide a platform for everyone to serve and impact their generation.